my friend andrew from canada 406
Hello....My 1975 Chevelle, work in progress . One off the first changes
was the engine over to a 406 sbc..... which the bottom end off this
engine is  ( STOCK )  I used all the original Rotating assembly...I had to
Straighten the cylinders as they were worn...Putting back in for Pistons
was the factory Replacement Cast Dished Pistons /  9.00 compression /
5.700 rod lenght / 4.155 bore / 3.750 stroke ...So shes stock...after this
I needed a Top end kit doing So I find this Sbc Top end kit on Ebay
which cought my eye....I called Bryan Fields and He helped me out a
great he recommended the top end kit that I needed.... and If
you no anything about engines its all in the top end that makes the
power ...So what  Bryan recommened I was able to pull out some
GREAT numbers on the Dyno and consistent....406 hp and 485 ft
torque at 5100 rpm at 32 dergee timing..... and there is more power
there also at 36 to 38 degree timing ....but I had to come to reality as
the bottom end is STOCK and afraid off Melting my Cast pistons.....I
decided for the efficient Hp and torq......Bryan I thankyou once again
For the Great engine package and all your help then and now
....CHEERS from your new friend in Canada....Andrew
4 SALE .. 2800.00